We have a new client. I met NC via my "Fast Audio Transcription" page on Simbi. We discussed currency -- the gift economy has endless forms of currency! NC is was amenable to a pay-it-forward exchange a la Karma Kitchen in Berkeley. In return, I'll gift him and his friend EB three hours a week to transcribe interviews. Incidentally, if you find yourself on Simbi please connect with me! I have two services and two requests for service:


Special thanks tonight especially to my ServiceSpace.org Laddership group, to my KindSpring.org tribe, and to the founder and co-creator of these Designs for Generosity, Nipun Mehta who inspires me every single day. Check out Nipun's Ted Talk here:


Love and gratitude and thanks especially go out to my loving husband Mike and youngest son Joe. They are the best support team I could ever ask for. Due to sickness and family chaos, I never would have been able to serve anywhere without their help. I'm grateful for these two beautiful men every single day.

♥. Niki Flow