Volunteer Biographers

The idea for Volunteer Biographer was born 34 years ago in 1980. I was a new bride and my husband was on 6-months assignments to different cities around the country. Instead of looking for work, I found the Evanston Volunteer Pool. My first assignment was an elderly lady I called "Bacca." She was 95 at a time (1980). She still lived alone. She was 14 when the 20th Century was born and 28 when World War I broke out. I helped her shop and cook, but mostly she just wanted company. I loved to spend time with her, to listen to her stories. My regret was that I never wrote those down.

When my dad got sick in 2007 I was between jobs. I took care of him while my mom worked. It was the longest stretches of time we ever spent together alone. In t hose beautiful hours, he told me stories of his life. I did write those down. My dad died two years ago. He was 92-years old, nearly 20 years older than my mom. I wanted to continue this idea.

In 2014, I found KindSpring.org. KindSpring has a page for submitting volunteer ideas. If they like your idea, they will choose you for a small stipend. Volunteer Biographers was chosen this month! We just opened our doors. I am so excited about this new endeavor.

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